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Woman looking through microscope

Explore an interest area



Navigate the intricacies of the local, national and global business market, 从会计到市场营销再到国际商务和心理学.


Every community has complex, diverse healthcare needs. Learn to respond to those needs with nursing, dental hygiene, counseling, health system studies and more.

Arts and communications

From screenwriting to technical writing, and from studio arts to teaching English, 学习人们如何沟通,如何表达自己.


用城市教育教育学生和学校,并成为他们的倡导者, social studies, early childhood studies and more.

Social sciences and humanities

From anthropology to philosophy, and from gender studies to global studies, 学习那些塑造了人类对世界和自身理解的思想基础.

Science, tech, engineering and math

A STEM background can spark advancement in many fields, including cybersecurity, systems analysis, biochemistry, mathematics and many more.

Human services

通过理解和帮助个人来促进更大的利益, 从家庭研究到种族研究再到领导力的团体和社区.

Law enforcement and criminal justice


Public and nonprofit administration

From public relations to advocacy or administration, 帮助公共和非营利机构服务于他们的社区并完成他们的使命.

Individualized studies

并非所有的教育旅程都遵循传统的学位路径. 创建一个个性化的学位计划来规划你自己的成功.