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Saint Paul

What’s located here


Security escorts

When buildings are open, 有一名穿制服的保安人员陪同进出停车场. To request a security escort, 在创始人大厅或图书馆的保安站下车,或致电或发短信651-775-0444或图书馆651-774-0715.

Code blue phones

Emergency code blue phones have one panic button that, when pressed, dials directly into the safety officer's cell phone. They are to be used for emergency calls only.


  • Seventh Street parking lot north of St. John's Hall
  • Library's main east parking lot
  • 停车坡道和坡道南停车场的多个位置.

Good to know

Entrances for New Main, Founders Halls, Saint John’s Hall, 学生中心和停车坡道在东第七街和东第六街之间的玛丽亚大道上.

Entrances for the library, 社区参与和奖学金研究所和艺术工作室位于东第七街.

Entrance for the Jason R. Carter Science Education is on East Sixth Street.